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This video of a dad accepting his lesbian daughter will warm your heart

A video about a man accepting his lesbian daughter has gone viral as Taiwan’s high court considers a same-sex marriage case.

The video, produced by Home Is Love, a Taiwanese gay rights organization, follows the story of a man accepting his daughter as gay.

At first, he says, he was shocked, but then he realized that his daughter was unhappy too. “It’s one thing that we were not happy. But then I realized that our child was even unhappier than us. It didn’t matter that I was unhappy, but when my child was unhappy, that’s not acceptable to me.”

The video has close to 200,000 views at the moment.

Last week, the top court in Taiwan heard a constitutional challenge to the country’s ban on same-sex marriage. The court could decide that the statutory definition of marriage as between one man and one woman is unconstitutional and force the parliament to allow same-sex couples to marry. This is the first time the court has addressed this issue.

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