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Students wear rainbow colors to honor bullied trans teen who took her life

This is a sad day at Connecticut‘s Glastonbury High School, where friends of a freshman who went by the name Gabe are in mourning. The transgender teenager committed suicide Tuesday after what one friend described as bullying both at school and online.

Gabe was the name everyone knew her by, but the friend said she revealed to her that she longed to be called Alexis. LGBT Nation is using female pronouns in reporting on this tragedy, but it should be noted friends used both, and it is not clear at this time which pronouns she would have preferred.

But a friend who said she knew Alexis as far back as fourth grade revealed in a text to a friend that the teen “had been struggling with gender identity for a long time.

Other details are few and far between, but the high school did confirm that officials are aware of the off-campus incident.

Shocked students responded to the news as it spread Wednesday during the second day of statewide school closures, on account of the blizzard that buried towns across Connecticut with more than a foot of snow.

“Anytime you have over a foot of snow, cleanup will take a while,” Glastonbury Superintendent Alan B. Bookman told the Hartford Courant Wednesday. “We worked on it (the night of the storm), but you could tell there was no way things would be ready.”

Upon returning to classes Thursday, the teen’s friends wore rainbow colors to honor Alexis, and encouraged friends to do the same. Word of the tribute spread beyond Glastonbury, a suburb of Hartford, to neighboring towns, including West Hartford.

LGBT Nation is awaiting more information from the high school principal, and has also reached out to superintendent Bookman for comment, who was unavailable at press time.

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