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Hate group official: Clinton wants to put Christians in ‘reeducation camps’

American Family Association mouthpiece Sandy Rios never fails to disappoint when it comes to ludicrous claims and outrageous statements. While the Christian organization has already been officially designated as a hate group based off earlier offensive and prejudiced messages, Rios is a rising star in the “Outraged Wingnut” department.

This time, Rios and coworker Tim Wildmon dove deep into the conspiracy pool during a radio broadcast. If wary conservative Christians don’t vote for Donald Trump, they claim, Hillary Clinton will unleash a devilish plan. She’ll force Christians who oppose marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose into “reeducation camps.”

Actually, Tim, to make it very personal, I’ve said this to you privately, all of us that are conservative and believe in traditional marriage, believe that the life of the unborn should be defended, are going to be in the crosshairs of the IRS, all of the—even the FBI now, we can’t trust our federal agencies. And we are going to be, many of us, in fact in inside circles in D.C. we’re always saying we’re going to be in reeducation camps, and really that’s not a quantum leap.

She’s right, you know. A quantum leap for this duo would be discovering reality.

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