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Even the Log Cabin Republicans get it now: They’re ‘disappointed’ in Trump

It took the rollback of guidelines to the nation’s schools, rescinding protections for transgender students nationwide, for the Log Cabin Republicans to apparently see what nearly every other LGBT American has already concluded about President Trump and his administration: they do not have our community’s interests at heart.

As the Gaily Grind reported, the group’s president, Gregory T. Angelo, revealed at CPAC last month that his he and his fellow gay conservatives were disappointed with the president’s action.

“Log Cabin Republicans had supported the Obama administration guidance on transgender public accommodations in public schools and certainly opposed any efforts to rescind it,” Angelo told NowThis at last week’s CPAC conference. “We are disappointed that President Trump had.” Angelo subsequently confirmed that feeling in a phone interview with LGBT Nation.

That is quite a reversal from October when Angelo sang Trump’s praises — despite withholding an official endorsement.

“Mr. Trump is perhaps the most pro-LGBT presidential nominee in the history of the Republican Party. His unprecedented overtures to the ‘LGBT community’—a first for any major-party candidate in our nation’s history—are worthy of praise.”

Now, not so much.

Angelo did, however, take issue with the Gaily Grind’s account that his remarks to Now This came “after days of silence.”

“That is not only erroneous but personally hurtful to me,” Angelo told LGBT Nation by phone Thursday. “I was on the ground at the Conservative Political Action Conference working with our transgender members who were in attendance, doing advocacy work as the bravest of the brave.”

Angelo, like out writer Chadwick Moore and entrepreneur Peter Thiel, has been among a strong but small contingent of gay conservatives willing to speak up in support of the president. But religious right leaders are not exactly welcoming them with open arms.

Evangelist Franklin Graham said last month gay Christians aren’t normal people, they’re “the enemy” and they must be stopped from “influencing the children.”

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