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Ellen, Lady Gaga & Pharrell team up for ‘The Love Project’ in uplifting video

Ellen DeGeneres is joining music stars Lady Gaga and Pharrell Williams in a new ad campaign for Revlon that is focused not on cosmetics but something far deeper: support for charities that spread love and understanding.

“The Love Project is the beginning of a social movement which aims to inspire more love, acceptance and caring in the world,” Carlos Barreto, Revlon Senior Vice President of Marketing, said in a statement. “At the heart of this campaign is the belief that all people are beautiful and that love can create a better world.”

The company has committed $1 million to support a variety of charities including the Women’s Heart Alliance, Born This Way Foundation, From One Hand to AnOTHER and the Trevor Project, as People reported.

In a 30-second TV commercial that debuted during the Academy Awards, Williams, Gaga and DeGeneres extol the virtues that “promote love, kindness, empathy and understanding,” as Gay Star News reported.

“Love is embracing who you are,” Gaga says in the ad. She adds that it is also visiting her grandmother’s house — which gives DeGeneres a comedic opportunity to say she, too, loves Lady Gaga’s grandma’s house.

Love, says DeGeneres, is “why we’re here.” Williams adds, “Love is shining a light in the dark.”

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