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Why isn’t Louisiana’s homophobic attorney general suing Donald Trump?

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Democrats are criticizing Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry for not raising objections to President Donald Trump‘s decision to keep federal workplace protections for LGBT people.

Landry, a Republican, challenged similar state protections. He won a lawsuit contesting an LGBT-rights order enacted by Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards for state workers and contractors.

The federal anti-discrimination order was issued by former President Barack Obama. Trump said he won’t revoke it.

The Louisiana Democratic Party said Tuesday that Landry should sue Trump to be consistent.

Landry spokeswoman Ruth Wisher says there’s a significant difference. She says Edwards sought to create law beyond his constitutional authority. She says Trump relied upon existing law and authority granted to a president.

A judge agreed Louisiana’s governor overreached. Edwards said he plans to appeal the ruling.

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