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Trans woman attacked outside queer conference, assailant arrested

Police in Philadelphia have arrested a 25-year-old homeless man accused of punching a transgender woman.

Ryannah Quigley, 23, was attending the Creating Change conference in Philadelphia. Creating Change was a conference held this weekend by the National LGBTQ Task Force.

Quigley told NBC10 that she was walking down a street Friday afternoon with friends when a man started staring at her. She greeted the man.

“I said, ‘Is there a reason why you’re staring at me up and down?’ And he stopped and turned and looked and he said, ‘Whatever bro.’ So that’s when I said, ‘Please don’t call me bro,'” Quigley said.

Quigley said that she took out her phone to record the incident.

“He just started screaming, and he just kept telling me ‘You’re a faggot’ and ‘You’re going to hell’ and he kept saying ‘You’re never going to be a real woman.'”

The man punched Quigley, threw a bag of food at her, and then ran away. Quigley suffered cuts and a bruise from the incident.

She reported the incident to Philadelphia police who have arrested a man who was wearing the same clothes as in the video. Police said that he will be charged with assault.

Quigley also posted the video to Facebook. Facebook administrators removed it for violating terms of service and blocked Quigley from accessing her profile.

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