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‘I’m not gay no more’ Andrew Caldwell says he’s suing gospel singer Kim Burrell

Michael Caldwell says he’s suing gospel singer Kim Burrell for mentioning him in her homophobic sermon that was captured on film.

The video clip in which Burrell called homosexuality “perverted” surfaced and led to her appearance on The Ellen Show being canceled and Burrell losing her radio show.

Andrew Caldwell rose to fame in 2015 in a viral video where he said that he had been “delivered” from homosexuality and that he wasn’t gay anymore, that he wouldn’t carry a purse or wear make-up. He later appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live after an incident where frozen yogurt was thrown at him.

In her sermon, Burrell said, “The minute somebody comes up with a deaf and dumb spirit, a mute spirit, one that can’t even talk that has a perverted spirit saying that ‘I am delivered,’ he goes all the way to Jimmy Kimmel. You think the enemy is not trying to make a mockery of the church.”

Caldwell replied to Burrell on a Facebook video. “The devil don’t speak to me. The devil ain’t using me. Because you know why? I am sane enough to know if the devil is using me. And the devil is not using me. I am not a mock to the church. And I am not a mock to God. So you said I’m a mock of God? That means your body is wounded. This is Kim Burrell.”

Caldwell said that Burrell has been served papers for a court date and for a restraining order. “I will see you in court, January the 23rd. I have hit you with a lawsuit, [inaudible] a restrainer. You are not welcome to the Church of God and Christ Convention Center. If I am anywhere in that building, 5000 feet to 500 feet, you will be arrested. So, you mention my name, I hit you with papers. Look it up, it’s in [inaudible] County Court. You put my name out loud, you blast me, I blast you. You’re going to court, January 23rd, 2 o’clock PM. If you don’t want to come, then you… You’ve already got served because I’ve got proof you got served – but if you do not come, I’m garnishing your checks.”

Caldwell does not say whether Burrell was planning an appearance at the Church of God and Christ Convention Center, nor does he explain the content of his lawsuit against the gospel singer. He goes on to say that he was a fan of Burrell and that he had purchased her albums, but that he is disappointed by what she said about him.

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