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The top 10 transgender stories of 2016 on unimale.com

2016 was the year that “transgender” crossed from the unique and rare into topical conversations across the country, and around the world.

It wasn’t the usual suspects — Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox and the Republicans who enacted North Carolina‘s House Bill 2 — that propelled gender identity into the mainstream, but a number of outstanding, unsung heroes, individuals whose actions changed the way trans people are seen and heard.

The top ten transgender stories of 2016 prominently feature bathrooms (duh), selfies (but of course), and the danger of self-harm — which is not unexpected, given that trans people consider or attempt suicide at a rate far higher than the general population. But many of the top ten also feature hope, resilience, and perseverance against adversity.

So which ones made the list? Check them out below, in order of popularity.

1. France will no longer force the sterilization of transgender people

2. Chelsea Manning supporters send her holiday cards and books post suicide attempt

3. ‘The Daily Show’ tests out North Carolina’s HB2 in a hilarious sketch

4. Trans activist Kristin Beck tells TSA: “We are real people with real feelings”

5. Jared Leto set to star as Andy Warhol in new biopic

6. Hockey player comes out as first transgender player in a pro team sport

7. This North Carolina sheriff compared transgender kids to lice infestation

8. CDC graphic on LGB youth violence sparks debate about trans inclusion

9. Pope lashes out at ‘nasty’ transgender mentality and ‘world war against marriage’

10. Nonprofit: Manning faces two weeks in solitary for suicide attempt

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