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The top 15 posts on unimale over the past year

Stories about the presidential election easily dominated the top posts on unimale this year. The more outrageous Trump’s behavior, the more our readers ate it up and shared the content on social media.

While some heartwarming pieces and stories about celebrities made it into this year’s top 15 posts, as with most media sources.

So what made it on the list? Check them out below.

1. Polish gay couple responds to death threats with video promoting love

2. Tens of thousands march against same-sex marriage in Paris

3. Oregon university expands gender and sexual orientation options

4. Lady Gaga and Rose McGowan share why women don’t report sexual assault

5. France will no longer force the sterilization of transgender people

6. Alabama church elects lesbian pastor with a message of inclusion

7. McCarthyism, the Lavender Scare, and the fight for full LGBT equality

8. Straight cisgender men pose the greatest threat to women and girls

9. Watch: Clinton talks Trump, dances with Ken Bone on ‘The Ellen Show’

10. Gay marriage activist Jim Obergefell honored as civil rights ‘champion’

11. Leaked Clinton emails show campaign worried about LGBT backlash after AIDS gaffe

12. Does Howard Stern deserve some credit for sinking Donald Trump’s campaign?

13. The Simpsons take on Vladimir Putin’s love for Donald Trump

14. North Carolina GOP office firebombed, spraypainted with Nazi graffiti

15. Pastor of HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ hosts says their antigay church is not antigay

Random movies

  • Girl boy bakla tomboy (2013)  

    Girl boy bakla tomboy (2013)

    The quadruplets are united again when one of them needs a liver transplant but resentment due to their separation threatens their reunion.