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Does ‘Rogue One’ include Star Wars’ first gay couple or is it all hype?

Rogue One A Star Wars Story has proved to be a huge hit at the box office, earning more than $290 million worldwide in its opening weekend. What is not proven, however, is whether Chirrut Îmwe, played by Donnie Yen and Baze Malbus, played by Jiang Wen, are a gay couple.

Some who’ve seen it have already made up their minds. Those tender, funny, and heartbreaking moments between the two rebel warriors are clearly evidence of a gay romance, in their eyes.

The film’s director, Gareth Edwards, won’t confirm or deny Chirrut and Baze’s relationship is same-sex.

“I don’t mind people reading into it,” he told Yahoo Gay Movies, “I think that’s all good. Who knows? You’d have to speak to them”.

Of course, not everyone is seeing it, or buying it.

And as should be expected in this post-truth society, this is all the fault of the news media.

And despite the fact Star Trek Beyond portrayed Lieutenant Sulu as gay for the first time, there are even people who don’t believe Asian film characters can be gay. Wait, what? Is this a “Which Is Better, Trek vs. Wars” debate?

Finally, a little dose of reality:

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