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Watch: Ellen DeGeneres’ holiday movie remix will make you want to dance

It’s no secret that Ellen DeGeneres loves to dance, and this holiday season, she’s combined that passion with some classic Christmas films. The video, reminiscent of the dance-off between Hillary Clinton and town hall attendee Ken Bone, features some iconic characters feeling that Christmas cheer.

“Here’s something that you’ll get into the holiday spirit with,” Ellen said. “This is the time of year when people watch a lot of classic holiday gay movies, and to make them more fun, I have added dancing, whether it should be there or not.”

With scenes from popular holiday lesbian movies including National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation,” “Home Alone,” “A Christmas Story,” “Elf,” and even “Miracle on 34th Street” (the black and white original), the remix edits dancing into these classic films along with appropriate reactions from other characters.

A highlight: The little boy from ” A Christmas Story” taking advantage of that awkward stuck-tongue moment to really work that frozen pole.


Watch the “The Holidays in Dance” below.

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