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Will & Grace (and Jack and Karen) to return to TV

As Jack would say, there is indeed Big news for fans of TV’s Will & Grace.


The four main stars — Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes — reunited at a comedy show featuring Mullally and her husband, Nick Offerman this past weekend.


And they took lots of fun photographs, and shared them on Instagram. It’s the first time fans have seen their favorite actors all together since the show ended its run a decade ago. But wait, there’s more: reports say this is just a prelude to an actual television reunion.

And there was much celebrating! Debra Messing joked that she and Mullally were in fact now married.

Messing captioned this one of her embracing McCormack with a heartwarming twist on that Karen line, “smell you later.”

And of course, no W&G reunion would be complete without funny man Sean Hayes.

But the best was yet to come. The next series of social media posts showed the cast back on the Will & Grace set, apartment 9C.

“I feel something BIG is going to happen tomorrow,” Messing captioned this one:

McCormack tweeted a self-deprecating joke:

Sean was back in his element.

The closest fans got to anything like this was in February when McCormack, Mullally and Hayes attended an NBC gala. Messing was stuck in New York City by snow and ber commitment to her now canceled NBC series, The Mysteries of Laura.

NewNowNext reports something is in the works, but there’s no word on whether the cast is reuniting for a one-shot TV special, or maybe a return to prime time series. A network representative told GayStarNews, “I can’t speak for ‘ever’ but there are no talks right now.”

Really? Because Messing shared a promo video that suggests otherwise. Watch below, and be prepared; it just might make you spit out your vodka:

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