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Funny Amazon reviews of Donald Trump products roast the president-elect

As we recently reported, president-elect Donald Trump is selling a $149 “Make America Great Again” ornament, which you can also find on Amazon for even more.

Trump held a Black Friday sale, offering 30 percent off, to make his goods slightly less outrageously priced momentarily. An email blast advertising the sale included copy explaining that “president-elect Trump loves a great deal.”

Reviewers worked their magic on the Trump ornament on Amazon, leaving comments like, “It called Mary a nasty woman, told Joseph to go back where he came from, built a wall around the manger, and then when you press it it sings ‘I’m Dreaming Of A Totally White Christmas.'”

Turns out they have been doing so on a number of Trump products, adding some humor to the 2016 presidential election, which many saw as a horror show of sorts.

Note that in many cases these are from third party suppliers and are not official Trump products. But let us start with reviews of an actual product released by Team Trump, the aforementioned “Make America Great” ornament, because there are plenty of great quotes there to go around.

“Make America Great Again” Ornament

“Question: Will this ornament keep all of it’s pre-holiday promises?Answer: It’s already backing off jailing my Elf on a Shelf.”

“Question: How long will this ornament last?Answer: Per the box insert, ‘Your Trump MAGA ornament is expected to last a minimum of 8 years and may have a lifetime guarantee if it’s allowed to operate with minimal resistance.’ However, preliminary testing in real-world scenarios indicates this item may have a melt-down and fall apart prior to January 20th 2017 if exposed to persistent ridicule.”

“Question: Can this item be used past Christmas?Answer: It can only be used for the next 4 years, or until civilization ends, whichever comes first.”

“Question: What year is it referring to? When was America recently great?Answer: Based on presidential approval ratings: last month.”

“Question: Is it rigged? It looks rigged.Answer: This is a difficult question to answer. You see, it swears it’s rigged when it thought it wouldn’t be purchased. But once it WAS purchased it claims the purchase was fair and will gladly sit on your tree, even though it doesn’t understand how trees work. Now that the other ornament’s supporters say the purchase was rigged, this ornament calls them whiny liars.”

“Every autumn my family chooses a new ornament to go onto our holiday tree. This year it was between this ornament and another one that is less flashy, less gaudy, and just overall nicer. During our family meeting we overwhelmingly chose the other ornament but somehow we still ended up with this one. We’re not sure what happened.”

~”Grrrowler,” One Star

“Weird. It’s obviously one of the worst ornaments my family could have put on their tree, but they seem to love it. I don’t know why, but I feel uncomfortable just knowing about its existence.”

~ Kim Meacham, One Star

“Came with an entire crate of white hood ornaments. Great bargain! Downside: My tree is now on fire.”

~ Shaenon K. Garrity, Four Stars

“Not safe if you have cats in the house.”

~ Kelly H Beebe, One Star

“This ornament is a disaster. I know more about making ornaments than the manufacturer of this ornament. Trust me, my ornament is going to be great. We are going to have so many great ornaments together, you are going to be sick of ornaments.”

~ “Chava1997,” One Star

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“Make America Great Again, Trump 2016” Ornament

“Question: Will it make my tree great again?Answer: Refer to European history during the 1930s. This may answer your question.”

“As soon as I hung it on my tree, it started insulting all the other ornaments. When the other ornaments replied in kind, the Trump ornament started whining and crying, ‘NOT FAIR!!!’ Then it shattered without even being groped. I examined the broken pieces, and discovered they were covered by a very thin skin. The skin was apparently keeping the ornament together, and couldn’t take the insults it was dishing out. Would not recommend buying it — unless you want to see it self-destruct.”

~ “Amazon Customer,” One Star

“This ornament kept changing its mind. Right after the election it no longer said MAGA, but, ‘hahaha, I got you suckers!’

“Trump is very fragile and his feelings are hurt bigly when he sees people making fun of him or his very tender snowflake Pence. He is going to use his tiny little hands to send out a tweet at 4:15 am to complain about all these bad reviews.”

~ Vivaldi, One Star

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Donald Trump Bobblehead

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