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This Thanksgiving, try something new: include and support someone LGBTQ

In addition to preparing the bird, the gravy, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce for your Thanksgiving Day feast, the fine folks at the Colorado Department of Public Health are encouraging Americans to try adding acceptance to the table.

The Environment’s 2015 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, released earlier this summer, drove home a familiar point, reports Denverite: LGBTQ students are at much higher risk for bullying, mental health issues and substance abuse than their straight and cisgender counterparts.

“Bias, stigma and discrimination can lead to poor health” for LGBTQ students, said Leo Kattari, survey coordinator at Colorado’s health department, in a statement. “But social factors that make young people feel safe and supported can reduce the behaviors that put them at risk every day.”

LGBTQ students who have a supportive adult to turn to at school are two to three times less likely to attempt suicide. About two times less likely to experience bullying, whether in school or online, than their peers. Transgender students enrolled in extracurricular activities are 1.6 times less likely to attempt suicide Trans students in those activities were four times less likely to use marijuana regularly.

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