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This ‘pickup artist’ says liking women’s butts is ‘a gateway to homosexual activity’

“Pickup artist” Roosh Valizadeh took a strong stance against straight men who like women’s butts, saying that that’s a “gateway to homosexual activity.”

Valizadeh, whose history of anti-woman comments is so deep he has a page on the hate group tracker Southern Poverty Law Center’s website, said in a video posted on Twitter that he is a “boob man.”

“I am now all about the boobs,” he said. “Because being a butt man is just a gateway to homosexual activity.”

He claims that he has been approached by “several women” for anal sex, but that he replied “No way. I know what comes out of that hole.”

“There’s doo doo there…. So why am I going to put by benis [sic] in there? I’m not stupid.”

On Twitter, people had a field day making fun of Valizadeh.

But one tweet really captured the essence of Valizadeh’s argument.

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