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Which state sports the longest penis? And which state stretches the truth?

Bespoke Surgical, operated by Dr. Evan Goldstein, D.O., specializes in proctology and anal surgery, but they recently decided to conduct a national survey about another part of the body. What they found will probably not totally surprise you.

Seeking to counter self-esteem issues around male genital size, Bespoke Surgical surveyed more than 1,300 men about their genital length at full erection – as well as asking those same men what length they tell their potential partners. 

While the average length reported per state varied from 5.22+ to 7.44″, the overall national average  stood at 6.41″ at full erection.

Coming in with the biggest across the nation was Alabama, reporting 7.44″ in length. Behind them was Louisiana (7.15″), West Virginia (7.00″), Vermont (6.98″), and Utah (6.97″), well above the reported average.

On the other end of things, the lowest averages were found in Delaware (5.22″), followed by New Mexico (5.36″), Maryland (5.50″), Georgia (5.69″), and Rhode Island (5.83″).

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Things got more interesting , however, when the second question was added into the mix; while some states were more than willing to exaggerate on penis length, some went the other way, underestimating the size of their genitals.

Louisiana — who was reported as second in actual size — was also reported as the state with the largest average exaggeration, at 8.07″. They also had the widest difference between actual size and the size they tell others: 0.92″ inches in difference.

Twelve states went the opposite direction. For example, people from Rhode Island understated their penile length by 1.17″. 

There wasn’t much of an overall pattern, however the survey did note that respondents from the deep south were the biggest braggarts. 

Overall, 38% of respondents said they lied about their penis size, with 26% of those exaggerating about their penile length. Honesty may indeed be the best policy.

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