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A drag queen pranked his followers for months with fake radical cosmetic surgery

Elliot Joseph Rentz, also known as Alexis Stone, is known online for his radical make-up transformations.

Like this one, where he turned into Jane Fonda.

Rentz, who lives in Liverpool, spent the last several months pranking his followers by pretending to get cosmetic surgery.

And he has a lot of followers to prank: over 700,000 on Instagram and 139,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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He announced in a YouTube video this past August that he was going to get plastic surgery. Then he followed the process of that surgery with pictures on Instagram.

He said that the content on his Instagram feed was pre-recorded for a few months, and then in November he came back with this picture in November, in which he said that he was very “swollen.”

In December, he thanked his fans for standing by him as he had surgery.

But, on New Year’s Eve, it was time for the big reveal. He posted a video to YouTube where he pulled off his mask, Scooby Doo style.

He later said that he worked with David Marti, a professional special effects artist who works on films, to put together what he called a “social experiment.”

He said he wanted to “bring attention to the social construct of becoming a monster.”

“If enough people scream and shout that someone’s a monster… it becomes believable.”

Hmmmm…. Well, that’s for his fans to debate, whether he actually got a message across. Either way, the transformation was pretty extreme.

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