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Here’s how some celebrities are wishing you a happy holiday in really queer ways

We all know about the 12 days of Christmas. Well, here’s 12 famous queer people and accounts that are wishing us all a happy holiday in their very unique ways.

#1 Ryan Cassata gave us a song

Ryan Cassata is the bad boy with a heart of gold when it comes to trans musicians. He and his band gave a sweet pop punk version of “It’s Christmastime” to his fans. The song was originally written 50 years ago by George Danno Jr.

#2 Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways

Ellen is giving her fans the ability to enter contests from home to win every giveaway the audience wins!

#3 Kate Bornstein’s Bible story

Kate Bornstein gave folks a re-interpretation of Genesis for Hanukkah.

#4 Queen Latifah’s dog is out and proud

He’s on the nice list and he doesn’t care that you know he believes in Santa Claus.

#5 Michelle Visage and RuPaul’s holiday podcast

The Paragon Collective has released a four episode installment of a holiday scripted musical comedy podcast. The First Mrs. Clause is the creation from radio/podcast host and RuPaul sidekick Michelle Visage. Visage plays the title role, Santa’s first wife, on trial for his murder, with a cast including Kristin Chenoweth, Lewis Black, Ru, and Nancy Grace.

“The story of SANTA CLAUS is a simple way to teach young people about karma and speak to the duel reality that we live in,” said RuPaul. “This is a fun way to keep the storyline going and put our spin on all of it.”

#6 Aydian Dowling’s first Christmas with his kid

Aydian has not only been sharing his experience as a first time parent on social media but he’s also been showing us how it feels to be a Dad during the holidays! Also, he named his kid Antler! How cute is that?

#7 Griffy’s mistletoe

Griffy, of the very sexy Rick and Griffy duo, will make you sweat on the coldest winter day.

#8 Janelle Monae is selling sweatshirts or something

She wants to remind us that we all deserve some Dirty Computer merchandise!

#9 Queer Appalachia’s avant garde holiday tree

The group reminds us how important harm reduction is during the holidays (and always).

Bonus: Queer Appalachia also wishes everyone a truly southern and happy holiday as well!

#10 Miley Cyrus sings the standards

The singer gifted us all with a cover of John Lennon’s “War is Over (Happy Xmas)”

#11 Meshell Ndegeocello gets down to basics

I think many of us can agree with her on this one!

#12 Billy Eichner knows how to sit on a man’s lap

He looks like one of Santa’s elves now.

He also reminds us every year that screaming at people during the Christmas season never gets old.

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