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The White House Christmas decorations are the laughingstock of the internet

Melania Trump revealed the White House Christmas decorations and the internet quickly turned the blood red trees and #BeBest ornaments into hilarious memes.

After all, with her husband offering up nonstop slurs and putdowns on Twitter for years, maybe her Christmas wish is that his heart will grow three sizes.

But the trees were the star of the mockery as social media users pointed out the similarities to other facets of the Trump presidency.

The most commonly recognized similarity was to the Handmaid’s Tale. Maybe Mike Pence had a say in the holiday theme.

Others saw stupid muppets. Maybe those are actually Cabinet members and not trees?

And, with the ghost of America’s former glory haunting the White House, maybe some Stanley Kubrick is appropriate. After all, it continues the theme from last year.

This Facebook users has a complete collection, but the air freshener riff may be the best one.

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