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A lot of the blowback to Nancy Pelosi returning as Speaker is based on her age

What began as my attempt to encourage and gauge public opinion on a small scale turned into something rather different. On my Facebook page and on several Democratic Party group pages, I wrote:

“Nancy Pelosi is smart, experienced, and effective! Let her do her work as Speaker of the House!!!! What’s the big whoop?”

People who supported my assessment were many, quite possibly the majority of respondents. They raised many issues. Experience, consistency, effectiveness, loyalty, and unity among Democrats were consistent themes.

But a recurrent theme emerged centering on Nancy Pelosi’s age.

“[S]he is 79 years old. Now really is the time [to step down].”

“Nancy is 78 … She will be 80 in 2020… It’s time for her to support a young leader…”

“Her attitude right now reminds me of many people in my place of employment who are her age, constantly proclaim “I’m NEVER going to retire!

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