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Virginia community showers couple with love after anti-gay graffiti

As reports of anti-LGBT harassment and assault are popping up across the nation, one community is stepping up to show love in the face of hate.

When Rachel Blankenship-Tucker woke up the morning after election day in Virginia, she discovered that the Clinton/Kaine sign in her and her wife’s yard was vandalized with an anti-gay slur.

“I don’t mind somebody calling me a fag — I can handle it — but it was just the action,” she told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “This is a really peaceful little area and, I don’t know, we’ve just not ever really been treated like that before.”

But instead of removing the sign, Rachel decided to leave it up in the hopes it might spark meaningful conversations.

And her neighbors noticed. Before long, the graffiti covered sign was surrounded by messages of love and support for the couple, including: “Love prevails,” “This family’s love is a gift to our community,” and “Respect & love are more powerful [than] fear & hate.”

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