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Conservative Twitter has a meltdown over gender-neutral cookies

A tweet about cookies has sent conservative Twitter into a full melt-down.

Earlier this month, in a since-deleted tweet, Demii-Leigh Heffron tweeted an image of cookies called “ginger persons” instead of “gingerbread men.” They were being sold at Thomas the Baker in England.

Now, most people would probably not even notice the name, but fragile conservatives are easily triggered. She took a picture and tweeted it with “It’s happening. Stop the earth I want to get off.”

This led to a meltdown on Twitter. People assumed A) that the baker renamed the cookies this year or very recently, B) that the baker was trying to be gender-neutral, and C) that the gender neutrality will somehow hurt them, even though the vast majority of cookies have gender-neutral names.

In other words, Thomas the Baker violated rightwing political correctness by calling the cookies “ginger persons.”

Here are just a few of the tweets complaining about the cookies’ name.

The only problem with their theory? The cookies got their name in 1983, according to Thomas the Baker, who didn’t seem to even know why they were called that.

Conservatives accuse the left of viewing the world through a hyper-politicized lens, assuming that everyone has bad intentions, and getting bent out of shape over trivial slights.

But with the right, it’s always projection.

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