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‘The Bi Life’ is the first bisexual dating show. Check out its cast.

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Mariella Amodeo is 33 and originally came from Italy. She’s a makeup artist. Matt Brindley, who labels himself an influencer, is 27 and hails from Chester, England Leonnie Cavill is a club promoter who has returned to England after a sting in Ibiza. She’s 27. Carmen Clarke, a 21-year-old from Manchester, England, has worked as a model since she was 14. Ryan Cleary is a London-based fitness instructor. He’s 27-years-old, and one of a pair of twins. Irene Ellis is from Chichester, England, and currently resides in London. A photographer by trade, Ellis is 23. Michael Gunning is a swimmer from Manchester who hopes to compete for Jamaica in the 2020 Olympic games. He’s 24-years-old. Kyle McGovern is a 23-year-old self-described “gym bunny” who works with kids with learning disabilities in South Wales. Daisie Thilwind is a 26-year-old from Manchester who works in fraud prevention.


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    Rivers Wash Over Me (2009)

    After his mother dies, Sequan, a sensitive teenager from Brooklyn, moves in with relatives living in a small town plagued with secrets hidden deep within its lush, rural Alabama terrain. Sequan finds refuge in a friendship with a troubled girl who astutely hones in on his true sexuality and introduces him to her cute brother.