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A painting of Trump having a Diet Coke with Lincoln & Nixon hangs in the White House

During Leslie Stahl’s 60 Minutes interview with President Donald Trump in the White House, eagle-eyed viewers caught what has to be the most godawful decoration to ever grace the walls of the People’s House.

Andy Thomas’ painting depicts Trump sitting around a table with his BFFs: Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, the Bushes, Teddy Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, and… Abraham Lincoln. It is, surprisingly enough, not on black velvet.

The men are having a round of drinks and yukking it up – although Trump and George W. Bush seem to be having Diet Cokes since they’re a teetotaler and a recovering alcoholic respectively.

Trump caught wind of the painting and called up the artist personally to ask for a print.

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“I was ecstatic,” Andy Thomas, the man who painted ‘The Republican Club’ told TIME Magazine. “A lot of times gifts aren’t really hung up, they’re just pushed in a closet somewhere. To find out it’s actually hanging is really a treat.”

The good news is that while Trump replaced the Oval Office red drapes with gold ones and hung a massive chandelier to the dining room, the inside of the White House has not been gilded.

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