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Here’s how to add Facebook’s new ‘came out’ life event to your timeline

Facebook has added a new feature in honor National Coming Out Day.

Users will now be able to add “came out” to their timeline as a “Life Event.” The feature will help users share their stories.

“For the LGBT community, Facebook is a way for you to come out, celebrate your pride and find support,” Facebook vice president Tudor Havriliuc said. “Visibility is so important because it changes hearts and minds about being LGBT when friends and family see us living our true lives.”

To add the “came out” event, you need to go to “Life Event.” Then pick “Family & Relationships” and “Came Out.”

Since Facebook launched over a decade ago, it has been helping LGBT people come out. While some LGBT people use the social media platform for a big announcement, others find it useful for coming out to acquaintances or distant relatives – people who might not otherwise find out in the absence of social media.

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“I wanted to be visible and talk about my experience; I didn’t know how to do that without coming out publicly,” said Sam, a non-binary trans person. “Coming out on Facebook felt like taking back my public voice.”

Earlier this year for Pride Month, Facebook added rainbow stickers and filters for pictures posted on the platform.