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Now the right is claiming Hurricane Michael was created by Democrats to revenge Kavanaugh

As soon as a natural disaster hits, Christian pastors start blaming LGBT people for the devastation. “It’s God’s judgement!” they proclaim to any idiot that will believe them.

But this time, one religious right leader is changing the songbook. He says God told him that Hurricane Michael was caused by democrats retaliating for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

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Christian “prophet” Mark Taylor has let loose with some doozies before – including last week’s claim that Hurricane Florence was created by liberals to “flood out the evidence” of voter fraud in Florida.

Taylor is a regular on Christian TV channels – especially Jim Bakker’s “End Times” show where he pitches buckets of dehydrated food so his flock can survive the tribulations – despite the fact that according to the Bible, true believers will already be raptured to heaven and wouldn’t need food.

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