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Here’s what is motivating transgender people to vote in the midterms

“Basic survival for transgender and gender non-conforming people is really the only issue on my mind,” added Jillian Hanlon, a transgender woman from upstate NY. “These are scary times we live in.”

“Conservatives, especially religious conservatives, have made it clear that they want us to cease existing,” Hanlon added. “Bathroom bills are a back door way to criminalize us. The attacks against trans students by the Department of Education are designed to make it impossible for TGNC youth to exist in the educational environment. The current difficulty in trans and gender non-conforming people in having their passports renewed is an attempt to police our identities. And all are only made possible by a lack of any kind of explicit statutory framework.”

“Regardless of what happens to Kavanaugh, we’ve lost the Supreme Court. We have an increasingly authoritarian and unchecked Executive branch. Without an independent Legislative branch, all will most certainly be set back decades, if not lost entirely,” said Hanlon.

“We cannot work on any intersectional issues if we do not exist. And yet reproductive freedom IS bodily agency – the freedom to transition. Economic and racial justice also affect our ability to exist, especially for people of color,” said Hanlon.

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