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This amazing transgender teen was just voted Homecoming Queen

A high school in California just elected its first transgender homecoming queen.

Students at Sweetwater Union High School in National City chose Karl Cruz, 18, as their homecoming queen.

“Everyone started cheering for me. I didn’t really expect that from anyone,” she said. “After the fireworks, I just started crying my eyes out.”

Cruz said that this is a sign of increasing LGBT acceptance, but she still hears negative comments.

“Every opinion is valid, but some opinions can be really harsh,” she said. “So I would just say, keep it to yourself. If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

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Her principal is proud of the student body.

“I can’t say I was surprised,” Principal Maribel Gavin said. “They’re all wonderful human beings that are here to learn.”

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