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Ellen joins Michael Che & Colin Jost for hilarious SNL ‘Weekday Update’ skit

Even though Ellen lives on the opposite side of the country and works during the day, she managed to do Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update.”

Ellen had Michael Che and Colin Jost on last week to tape the “Weekday Update,” a reference to how Ellen takes the weekends off.

Ellen and the “Weekend Update” crew joked about fast food, international news, and Ellen even made Che repeat one of his jokes.

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    Zenne Dancer (2012)

    A feature film about an unusual trio: Daniel, a German photo-journalist in Istanbul without much knowledge about Turkish values. Can, a flamboyant, out and proud male belly dancer with lots of love and support from his family, and Ahmet born to an eastern and conservative family whose quest for honesty and liberty results in a tragic end. ZENNE Dancer is inspired by true stories.