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These celebrities took hateful Christian protestors at a pride parade to church

At Manchester Pride this weekend, Coronation Street star Nicola Thorp had the best response to Christian protestors.

She was on a float in the parade, and it drove past some protestors with anti-LGBT signs with messages like “Be sure your sin will find you out” and “Pride goes before destruction.”

Thorp shouted: “It’s a shame that you felt you needed to show your presence here today. You and your beliefs are not welcome here. You are not welcome to come and judge our sexuality.”

“We will not come to preach at your church,” she added. “This is our church. Show some respect.”

The Manchester Evening News reports that the crowd went wild for Thorp’s response.

She wasn’t the only person to respond to the protestors. So did Thorp’s co-star, Antony Cotton. He and his partner, Peter, jumped off the float to share a kiss in front of the hateful group of protesters.

It started a trend as the protest area quickly turned into a kissing booth.

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