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Viral video of single dad wearing a dress for children’s school function is priceless

A single father in Thailand just broke the internet when he posted a video of himself wearing a dress to his children’s school. Not wanting his two sons to feel left out on Mother’s Day, Chatchai ‘Sam’ Panuthai from Kanchanaburi did what he thought was best – and the lacy pink dress seemed an appropriate choice for the occasion.

Panuthai’s friend, Kornpat Ae Sukhom, shot the heartwarming video between a father and his two sons. At the time of this publication, the video had been shared almost 7,000 times with 16,000 reactions on Facebook. Additionally, the video had an estimated 6 million views.

“Everyone enjoyed it and all laughed and took photos with him,”Sukhom told Buzzfeed News. “His two sons weren’t quite sure what was going on and why Dad was wearing a dress.”

Mother’s Day is celebrated in Thailand on August 12 – which also happens to be the same day as the birth of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, who is considered to be a mother to all Thai people.

Traditionally on Mother’s Day, Thai children kneel down at their matriarch’s feet and share their love and respect. It’s tradition to present their mothers with white jasmine flowers or garlands.

In the video featuring Panuthai, his sons can be seen carrying out this tradition.

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The two boys – Imsome, 3, and Ozone, 5 – may not currently understand the weight of the action their father took to help them feel less singled out in the classroom, but they may some day and now they will have a viral video to go along with the memory.

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