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Fashion legend André Leon Talley’s takedown of Paul Manafort’s clothing is priceless

From his ostrich jacket to his expensive (and ugly) suits, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager turned jailbird, Paul Manafort, isn’t known for his sartorial tastes. Like his erstwhile boss who can’t get enough gold plating in his buildings, Manafort tried to disguise his inner ugliness with an ostentatious show of wealth.

With photos of Manafort’s outrageously expensive and undoubtedly ugly threads entered as evidence in his criminal trial, average Americans across the nation have talked nonstop about how, well, ugly Manafort’s unusual way to launder money is.

But who better to truly critique the would-be fashionista’s ensembles than former Vogue Editor-In-Chief André Leon Talley? His sarcastic yet authoritative take on the clothes will, well, leave you in stitches.

We’ll save the best for the video, but let’s just say Talley is right on the money when he says, “These clothes that have been photographed, which are part of the evidence and documentation, are not the clothes one would aspire to.”

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