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Guy who notified FBI he got banned from Grindr whines on Fox about trans Democrats

With far right homocons Milo Yiannopoulos and Lucian Wintrich on the outs for flirting with child sexual assault and white supremacy respectively, the field of white gay men willing to go on Fox News and spout of ridiculous right wing talking points has dwindled dramatically.

The days of apologist Log Cabin Republican spokespeople or even strident button pushing rabble rousers like Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia have faded into the sunset. With the ascendency of Trump, LaSalvia even left the Republican party.

Enter Chadwick Moore.

After writing a glowing profile piece on Yiannopoulos for Out magazine that drew swift backlash from the LGBT community, Moore announced the criticism turned him into a Republican. Since then, he’s played the dutiful role of Tucker Carlson’s queer yes man to bash any possible development in LGBT rights as, well… something, something, Democrats bad.

Moore also has a persecution complex. He’s accused a bar of throwing him out because he’s a Republican (they didn’t) and took to social media to notify the FBI that Grindr shut down his account. Imagine being so upset you can’t get laid that you complain to the government.

This time around, Moore was spouting off about Christine Hallquist, the transgender woman running for Governor of Vermont. Hallquist won the Democratic primary this week and talked to LGBT Nation exclusively about her campaign.

As part of a roundtable discussion with Carlson and former Obama campaign official Robin Bird, Moore jumped at the opportunity when the topic turned to Hallquist’s win.

“As a transgender woman, she’s come under a lot of criticism,” Bird said.

“Oh, well, I don’t know if she has or not. I think she’s celebrated for it actually,” Carlson responded. “Let’s stop pretending. Of course she is celebrated for it.”

“You’re absolutely right to acknowledge Hallquist’s transgender privilege,” Moore toadied. “She can get away with many, many things simply by being transgender. I mean, who knows if that’s even how she won this primary. But while the entire country is fixated on the fact that she’s transgender, nobody knows anything about her policies.”

“She was on CNN this morning, looking half dead, very low energy, she was on CNN this morning and she couldn’t even answer the question about what socialism is,” he said a little later in the broadcast. “She was asked if she believed in capitalism and she couldn’t even answer that question. Who is this person? All we know is it’s someone who’s transgender and let’s just celebrate that? Can they lead the entire state of Vermont?”

Then to throw in just a wee bit of transphobia, Moore misgendered Hallquist while at the same time calling her a child sissy and claiming her candidacy is a threat to Christianity or something.

“I don’t understand this sort of left-wing LGBT obsession with Christians. I imagine a lot of it comes from — Hallquist talks about growing up in a Catholic school and because he was an effeminate little boy, in his words, getting a bunch of garbage from the nuns and the priests.”

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