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2018-08-15 13:19:04


Germany approves measure to recognize third gender on birth certificates

Germany’s Cabinet approved a measure that would allow newborns to be identified as a third gender at birth.

The move comes several months after the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that the government must create a third gender category or scrap the gender marker on birth certificates completely.

The case involved an intersex person who was born with only one X chromosome. Their birth certificate said that they were female, and they wanted to change that to identify themselves as “divers/inter” or “divers.”

“Divers” means “other” or “miscellaneous” in English.

The Cabinet approved a measure that would add a “diverse” designation, in addition to male and female. The move still needs approval from Parliament.

The Social Democratic minister for families Franziska Giffey called it “an important step toward the legal recognition of people whose gender identity is neither male nor female.”