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Ellen & Tig Notaro show how amazing lesbian friendship can be

Ellen had Grammy and Emmy winning comedian Tig Notaro on her show today and talked about how she tried to cheer Notaro up.

Ellen said she knew Notaro was feeling a little down a while back, so she sent a mariachi band to her home.

Since that’s not enough to cheer someone up, the next day Ellen sent a drag Adele to sing “Hello.”

“When Adele showed up at my house, I was so stunned. I was so confused,” Notaro told Ellen.

“For like the first 15 seconds, I believed that was Adele. Soon after that, I was like ‘You really thought that Adele came over to your house to sing to you.'”

Notaro said that she now judges all her friends against what Ellen did for her. “If I’m not feeling well, I’m like, ‘Where is my mariachi band?'” she said.

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