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The Great Gay Chick-fil-A War is expanding into Canada now

Chick-fil-A, the notoriously anti-LGBT fast food chain, is celebrating their first major international expansion, but many Canadians aren’t coming to the party.

The company plans to open 15 locations in the Toronto area within the next five years. The chain already operates a location in the Calgary International Airport.

Canadians, however, don’t seem to care for the taste of “hate chicken.”  And now they’ve taken to social media to protest, using the hashtag #BoycottChickFilA.

“They have no business in a progressive and multicultural city like Toronto,” one user tweeted.

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User Tom Robson wondered if the chain would fall afoul of the country’s laws. “A company so blatantly opposed to LGBT rights should be prohibited from investing and operating in Canada,” he tweeted.

“The Canadian Charter and human rights laws mean such a business cannot be tolerated in this country.”

But Corey Mintz may have the best perspective on the fast food chain.

“Y’know where you can get good fried chicken? Literally everywhere.” they wrote. “And without supporting bigotry.”

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