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‘Nonchalant’ son arrested after repeatedly stabbing gay dads who adopted him

A man in California has been arrested on charges of attempted murder after stabbing his gay dads.

Police say Matthew Boulet, 21, admitted to stabbing his fathers while he was home from college in Sherman Oaks.

Police recovered a folding knife with a three- or four-inch blade at the scene. They have not said how many times the victims were stabbed.

When officers responded to a report of assault with a deadly weapon at their house yesterday, Matthew was arrested without incident. They described him as “nonchalant.”

“He was very nonchalant when he said he had stabbed his two fathers and that he suffered a wound while doing so,” LAPD Lieutenant Mike Kozak said. “He was very calm about it.”

The fathers, Ken Coll and Tom Boulet, were taken to a hospital and underwent surgery. They are in critical condition but expected to survive.

Neighbors said that Ken and Tom adopted Matthew when he was very young and that they were good parents.

“Tom and Ken have been very significant on our block, great models of parenthood,” said Florence Riggs, their neighbor.

“They’re A plus neighbors,” said David Rankell. “They’re always engaged. Always people you could go knock on their door, call them. Email them. Just the most wonderful people.”

Police have not yet established a motive for the crime. Kozak said they have received a report that Matthew may have had mental health issues.

Matthew was also injured in his hand during the stabbing.

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