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Watch this GOP legislator scream the n-word on TV & flash his butt to the camera

Republican state legislator Jason Spencer probably represented his Georgia district in modern GOP style after being shown on TV hurling the n-word and using racial and antigay stereotypes. And just to top things off, he dropped his pants and showed the world his bare butt.

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America?” is taking the political world by storm. First, former vice-presidential candidate, former Alaskan governor, and all around numbskull Sarah Palin complained about being pranked by Cohen. Then former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, losing Senate candidate, and alleged serial sexual harasser Roy Moore admitted he’d been duped by Cohen as well.

But surely they can’t be as bad as Spencer’s turn in the spotlight.

Disguised as an Israeli terrorism expert, Cohen gets Spencer to participate in an “anti-terrorism training video.”

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