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England mandates compulsory sex ed for all students. And it’s LGBT inclusive.

British students of all ages will soon start receiving mandatory comprehensive relationship and sexual education courses according to Education Secretary Damien Hinds. Faith-based schools will have to comply with the new guidance.

It will be the country’s first update to government guidance since 2000. The updated curriculum standards will be age appropriate and fully inclusive of LGBT people.

“This includes LGBT content as a strong feature at age appropriate points. It sets out core content but allows flexibility for schools own pupils,” Hinds told Parliament when announcing the update.

Younger children will be taught about relationships, family structures, and friendships. Older students will feature lessons on “the law, sex, sexuality, sexual health and gender identity.”

“Sexual orientation and gender identity should be explored at a timely point in a clear, sensitive and respectful manner,” the guidance states.

“When teaching about these topics, it must be recognized that young people may be discovering or coming to terms with their sexual orientation or gender identity. There should be an equal opportunity to explore the features of stable and healthy same-sex relationships.”

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