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Watch this drag queen interrupt a wedding when the priest asks if anyone objects

When Peter McConnachie and Peter Deaville at St. Luke’s church in Glasgow, Scotland, after a drag queen burst into the sanctuary to object to the marriage. The startled priest had just asked if anyone objected to their union, when Cherie Trieffel charged in swinging her handbag.

Trieffel stomped down the aisle as Norma Whitfield’s 1960s song “It Should Have Been Me” starts playing. And as she starts beating one of the grooms with her bag and jumping up in down, shocked witnesses whipped out their phones to record the action.

Of course, the surprise guest was arranged by the grooms – who didn’t even tell the priest it was going to happen. Apparently one of the grooms’ mothers thought it was a real interruption when it started.

With over 5 million views to date, it’s no wonder this video is going viral. Just try to hold in the laughs.

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