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Two men were thrown into the sea in a brutal hate crime during Pride

Four people have been arrested for an attack against two people marching in a pride parade in Greece.

Over the weekend, two men marching in Thessaloniki Pride became separated from the group. The men, one Greek and one Brazilian, had rainbow flags.

They were approached by a group of young men who weren’t participating in the parade.

The victims told police that the young men shouted verbal abuse at them and said, “We will kill you and your types.”

Then the young men pushed the victims off the boardwalk and into the sea.

Other Pride participants came to rescue them and paramedics were called. The police say the victims did not suffer any serious injuries.

Four men were arrested for the attack yesterday. Police said that the same men are being investigated for beating a Pakistani migrant in a nearby park.

Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece with a population of around 300,000. Pride attracted around 5000 people.

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