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‘Gay families = burn in hell’ and other post-election messages of hate and racism

The evidence is mounting: homophobes, racists and anti-semites, apparently emboldened by the election of Donald Trump — whose victory this week was attributed to the “silent majority” — are silent no more.

Shaun King, the senior justice writer at the New York Daily News, has been sharing that evidence, and people have been sharing more with him.

This was left on a car windshield in North Carolina. The vehicle’s owner is gay.

It”s not just LGBTQ folks being targeted:

And then there was this from Florida:


Not everyone is getting away with such horrid behavior:

This is from Connecticut:

And even the deaf are not immune from the hatred now brazenly displayed:

Most of the hate seems directed at members of minority races:

Election Day fell on the anniversary of Kristallnacht — when Nazis raided Jewish neighborhoods in 1939 — so perhaps it’s not surprising to find Jews are still targets of hate:

Find much more on Shaun King’s Twitter feed, here.

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