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Budweiser is finding out it’s difficult to sponsor NYC Pride & the World Cup in Russia

Budweiser’s marketing team is learning a valuable lesson during Pride month. The beer company is a sponsor of this weekend’s NYC Pride, but it’s also a sponsor of the ongoing World Cup being hosted in Russia.

While the corporation is celebrating pride with Americans, it’s also shoveling money into Russian pockets where it will be used to further the country’s anti-LGBT laws and pogroms.

LGBT and human rights activists sounded the alarm when Russia was chosen to host the 2018 World Cup, but the government agreed not to prosecute LGBT fans who showed affection for each other or waved a rainbow flag. “Gay propaganda” is illegal in the country.

But just since the games started, a gay couple has been attacked and so severely beaten it caused brain injuries. A British activist was arrested for protesting Russia’s anti-gay laws and a “diversity house” for queer people and ethnic minorities was abruptly shut down.

The group Voices4 is making sure that the beer company’s hypocrisy isn’t lost in the marketing. The activist collective has started a digital protest aimed at Bud’s Instagram account and celebrities are starting to endorse it.

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