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Harry Styles waved a MAGA flag at a concert & the crowd went nuts

Singer Harry Styles helped make America gay again at his Friday concert in Philadelphia.

Performing the One Direction hit “What Makes You Beautiful,” he spotted a rainbow flag held by fan Karla Balcazar. He asked for it, and she gladly obliged.

“Hello hi yes I am the girl that brought the “MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN” flag to tonight’s show and I still can’t believe how luck I am (heart),” Balcazar tweeted.

If location is everything, Balcazar invested the time to get there — 10 hours in line to get a spot in the front. She then discovered that her ticket was a scam, so she had to buy a floor seat, she said. But a kindly security guard saw Balcazar and her friend in line for so long, and he helped them get into the general-admission section at the front.

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It’s no surprise that Styles, 24, supports our cause. He’s known to display rainbow colors on stage and in his merchandise. When he kicked off his tour in San Francisco in September, he tied a Pride flag onto his microphone after a fan threw it on stage.

The singer/songwriter’s new song, “Medicine,” has lyrics about messing around with both boys and girls. Styles has not identified himself as bisexual, but in regards to sex with a man, Styles told bandmate Niall Horan: “Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.”


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