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These bizarre, homophobic tweets made a ‘Stranger Things’ actress quit Twitter

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays El on Netflix’s Stranger Things, has quit Twitter after she became the target of homophobic memes.

Bizarrely, the tweets are not directing anti-gay slurs at the 14-year-old actress. Instead, they’re falsely accusing her of violent homophobia.

The memes started with a few that said the child actress ran over gay people at Pride and was happy about it. Some Twitter users believe this was meant to be absurd – Brown is too young to even drive and has no history of anti-LGBT comments.

They also put the word “faggot” in her mouth.

And some of the memes are just racist and homophobic.

A lot of people didn’t like the memes.

Several Twitter users trying to explain the origin of the memes used this screencap of tweets in which someone accuses Brown of being Islamophobic. How that turned into the “faggot” memes, though, doesn’t seem to be something anyone can explain.

One queer Twitter users believe that they became popular because they allowed straight people to use the word “faggot” public.

As a reminder, someone posted about how the 14-year-old is actually pretty supportive of LGBT equality.

Brown has not commented about deleting her Twitter account or about the trolling.

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