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Columbus will greet Pence with a big LGBT dance party when he arrives during Pride

In order to protest Mike Pence, activists in Columbus, Ohio, are planning a “Big LGBT Dance Party.” Pence has a planned trip to Columbus on this Friday, which happens to be the first day of Columbus Pride.

“Mike Pence is coming to Columbus June 15, the first day of Pride! Help welcome him with a Big LGBT Dance Party!” a Facebook event says.

The event page says that local drag performers Virginia West and Sable Coate, as well as DJ Moxy, are confirmed for the protest/party.

Pence will be at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel on Friday to give a speech about tax cuts in an event sponsored by the organization America First Policies, which was founded in order to promote the Trump Administration.

America First Policies was in the news last month when its policy advisor, Juan Pablo Andrade, was caught on video saying, “The only thing the Nazis didn’t get right is they didn’t keep fucking going.”

The Big LGBT Dance Party is scheduled for 2 p.m., in front of the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel where Pence will be speaking. Organizers are asking participants to follow the law, stay on the sidewalk, and avoid engaging counter-protestors.

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