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Why is YouTube running anti-LGBT ads before videos?

YouTube has come under fire for putting anti-LGBT ads on LGBT videos.

Twitter user Jace Aarons tweeted an example. He found an ad from Michael Brown, a conservative radio host, playing before a video from Chase Ross, a transgender YouTuber.

He showed a screenshot of the ad being played before one of Ross’s videos.

And he posted a copy of the video with audio.

The ad says that people can’t be both Christian and gay and reads Bible passages that call homosexuality an “abomination.” Brown asks viewers to “interpret your sexuality through the lens of the scriptures”… and to give him money.

“No gift is too small,” Brown says in the video.

Ross asked why YouTube accepted the ad at all.

Bi writer Gaby Dunn also asked her followers if they have seen anti-LGBT ads on her YouTube channel.

Some people replied with examples. This Twitter user found an ad for the Alliance Defending Freedom – an SPLC designated hate group – before a video from Anna Akana.

Another user saw an Alliance Defending Freedom ad before a Just Between Us video.

The ads come a year after controversy erupted on YouTube about how the video-sharing site’s “restricted mode” was blocking all LGBT content, even videos that were perfectly appropriate for younger audiences.

Bi YouTuber Dodie Clark said that YouTube’s policy is homophobic. “I mean that’s just plain and simple homophobia, right?” she tweeted. “The platform we use is homophobic?”

YouTube has long had a problem with hate groups using it as a way to disseminate their views. Accepting ads from hate groups isn’t addressing that problem

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