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Did a lesbian former legislator just out Alabama Governor Kay Ivey?

Alabama’s governor Kay Ivey is fiercely anti-LGBT, which led a former state representative to more-or-less out her on social media.

After Ivey made some negative comments about an LGBT organization earlier this week, former state representative Patricia Todd wrote on Facebook “Will someone out her for God’s sake.”

Todd said that she had “heard for years” that Ivey is gay and that she made her girlfriend move out when she became governor.

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The comments that rubbed Todd the wrong way happened earlier this week as Ivey was responding to criticism from her primary opponent, Scott Dawson.

Dawson, an evangelist who has written several books including the Complete Evangelism Guidebook, said that Alabama gave money to Free2Be, an organization that provided services for LGBT victims of domestic violence.

“The information revealed to voters today epitomizes everything that’s wrong with Montgomery politics,” Dawson said about money being spent on counseling for domestic violence victims. He accused Ivey of betraying “conservative values.”

Ivey, who signed a bill last year that allowed adoption agencies to refuse LGBT parents, responded that the money was from the federal government and had to be given to the organization. And she made sure that people knew that she doesn’t like LGBT people.

“I certainly don’t agree with the agenda or the values of that organization,” Ivey said when asked about Dawson’s comments.

Todd, who outed Ivey out of frustration with the governor’s comments, was the first openly gay state representative in Alabama when she was elected in 2006. Earlier this year, she received a standing ovation on her last day in the state house of representatives.

Ivey’s campaign emphatically denied Todd’s Facebook message.

“This is a disgusting lie being pushed by a paid liberal political hack,” said a campaign spokesperson. “There is absolutely no truth to it.”

“She’s a professional paid left-wing political activist.”

Earlier this week, the arch-conservative Ivey joined other Republicans in calls for Donald Trump to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Alabama’s primary elections are on June 5. Ivey became governor in April, 2017, when the former governor resigned and she is seeking her first full term.

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