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New Hampshire bans fraudulent ‘ex-gay’ therapy

A bill to ban conversion therapy in New Hampshire passed both chambers of the legislature last week and is expected to be signed by the governor.

The bill would ban licensed mental health professionals from attempting to change a minor’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

The state senate voted 14-10 in favor of the bill in April and added an amendment that said, “Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to infringe on any constitutional right, including the free exercise of religion.”

Last week, the state house agreed to that version of the bill, sending it to Governor Chris Sununu (R), who has already said he will sign it.

Representative Ed Butler (D) said the bill was “the right thing to do.”

“This is the second time the Legislature has considered the issue of banning conversion therapy for youth under the age of 18. This bill says to our youth that same sex attractions or questions about gender identity can be normal and that licensed health care professionals cannot counsel otherwise.”

In 2016, a similar attempt to ban conversion therapy for minors failed in New Hampshire.

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